Command & Conquer

C&C is an excellent real-time war game.

If you liked the fast-paced strategy of Dune II, you'll absolutely love Command & Conquer. It's a great-looking, great- sounding wargame that's full of wonderful surprises; there's always some new weapon or strategic challenge just around the corner, so you'll play this one through to the final mission - then start over and play it again as the bad guys. Best of all, Command & Conquer has modem and network options that let you link up with as many as three other garners for a real free-for-all.

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Aliens - A Look into the Past

Aliens is one of the slickest graphic adventures we've ever seen, and ifs also one of the scariest.

Mindscape's suspense-filled adventure game Aliens should be hitting store shelves early in the New Year, so save some of that Christmas money! It's sure to provide lots of spine-tingling excitement for sci-fi fanatics.

Based on the Aliens comics from Dark Horse, (which, in turn, were based on those creepy xenomorphs from the Alien films), this graphic adventure brings you some of the most incredible graphics ever seen on the PC. Using a technique that allows the developers to cover 3D wireframe characters with highly stylized 2D textures based on the comic-book art, Aliens sets new standards in graphic quality.

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Your Help is Needed! needs your help!  We are low on funds for our domain and web hosting.  We are a non-profit web site, and therefore are in need of your generous donations to keep the site alive.  You can donate via PayPal, by clicking on the button below, or send your donations to:

If you want to contribute, but cannot use PayPal, contact us to discuss another method.  Amounts of all sizes help.  Thank you!

2016-12-19 / Posted in News's 1st Birthday! New Look & Logo! turns 1 Year old today!  We have come a long way since last year.  There was a drought for a few months, but we're back at work on the site, making it better than ever.  Thank you to everyone who have stuck with us, everyone who has ever visited us, and to past & present Staff!  What would a Birthday be without a Gift?  Well take a look around...Yes!  Our Gift to the Site, and to all our Visitors, is the long overdue new Layout & Look!  We also have our very own Logo!  The new eye candy is the work of Zeruda.  There are more tweaks and additions to be made, but I think you will agree it is definitely an improvement.  Please note that it is most compatible with Firefox at the moment, and you may have some issues with Internet Explorer.
Happy Birthday!

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[Updated] Twilight Princess Characters

The Twilight Princess Character Section has been updated again!  Profile Information on several Characters have been totally rewritten, thanks to Jako.  Below is a linked list of updated Characters.  More updates are coming, with even more content for Characters planned for the future!

Princess Zelda
Twili Race
 Usurper King, Zant
Zora Race
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Jako's The Hour of Twilight - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of Jako's Twilight Princess Fan Fiction, The Hour of Twilight is now up!

New to this Fan Fiction, or need to catch up?

Sneak Peak:
Link walked in front, so that he could defend the two women. “So this... looks like basically a big hallway,” Link said, as he walked down the big hallway. Zelda said nothing. Neither did Midna. Link ignored the silence and kept walking. They walked into a larger room, and Link found an unlit torch. He picked it up and dipped it in some oil and lit it up.

Suddenly, a colony of keese flew throughout the room...

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Game Sage Service

A new Game Sage Service has been launched for fellow Zelda players who need help with Twilight Princess, or any other Zelda games in the series.  You simply need to be a Member of our Forum, and post your help request in the appropriate Board, and our Game Sages will reply with the solution as soon as possible.  Here are the help boards our Game Sages will monitor:

Twilight Princess [GameCube]
Twilight Princess [Wii]
Other Zelda Games

Our first Game Sage is SmashBrosSheik, who will specialise in Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and The Wind Waker.  Before resorting to posting a new topic, remember that we always have an entire Walkthrough / FAQ section.

You should also check the Help Boards mentioned above, in case your question has already been answered.

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New Features! Calendar, Game Sage & More

More New Features and Improvements have been made, so here is a summary:

  • Game Sage Service - This was explained in my previous post.
  • Calendar Added - A Calendar has been added!  It can be accessed via a Link in the Top Menu.  More information will be given in my next post.
  • Karma System Tweak - The way your Karma score is displayed has been changed to a numeric total of your Positive minus Negative Karma.   This makes it a bit more friendly, for those worried about their Negative Karma total.
  • New Quick Links - Handy Links for the Main Web Site and Image Gallery have been added to the top of the Forum.
  • Member Name Colours - Regular Members now have different colored names in the Users Online list, based on their Rank, which is based on the amount of Posts made.  Basically as you Rank up, your name will become Darker.
  • Embed Flash Enabled - The ability to Embed Flash into your Posts has been Enabled.
  • Post Count Criteria - Post will no longer Count in Boards unrelated to Zelda.  This is due to the fact, not only Twilight Princess, but Zelda discussion in general has slowed down dramatically.

More Features to come of course!  Enjoy!
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Calendar Added!

A Calendar has been added to the Forum.  It can be accessed via the Top Menu.  You can view Member Birthdays, Holidays & Events on the Calendar, with those upcoming soon, displayed in the Info Center at the bottom of the Forum.  You must have your Date of Birth filled in your Profile, in order for your Birthday to show up on the Calendar.

A new Birthdays & Calendar Events Board has been created to accompany the Calendar

Upcoming Calendar Events might get its own Discussion Topic.  You can view the Halloween Topic as an example here

You can Request that a Holiday or Event be added to the Calendar in this Topic

I know some Members were interested in this a while back, so here you go!

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Thorough Maintenance & Tweaks Complete!

Over the last couple days I have spent many hours maintaining and tweaking the Forums.  The main changes you will notice first are the Theme change, and the placement of Ads.  I mentioned this in a previous post, that the Theme had to be changed in order for Ads to show up.  We are in need of funds for hosting, so to keep the site alive, they had to be reintroduced.  I tried to make them as unobtrusive as possible, so they kind of create a border around the actual Forum content.  I can't ask you to click on the ads, due to Google's policies, but they should automatically show ads themed to a lot of people's interests.  Thank you for putting up with them, I'm sure you will understand.

I spent a long time just going through each board and topic and doing general maintenance.  Each board has been renamed to more accurately describe its purpose.  All categories and boards have been organized more efficiently.  All topics have been organized and put into their proper sections.  Many topics of note have been stickied. In general, useless boards and topics have been deleted, as well as new ones created.

A lot of tweaking and configuring has been done in the back-end of things which you may not necessarily notice, but will make the forums run more efficiently and user friendly.  I have plans for many new features on the forums, as well as the main web site.  2 new features have been implemented already, which I will detail in a separate post after this one.
I hope you enjoy the changes so far.

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